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One Year part time Post Graduate Diploma in

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One Year Part-time Post Graduate Diploma in
Cultural Informatics (PGDCI) 2017-18

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1.Introduction to Expressive Culture (Pre-requisite Course)

  1. General Introduction and Awareness about Indian Culture

  2. Identification and Documentation of Expressive Culture

  3. ICT Tools for Documentation

  4. Outline of Expressive Culture


  1. Indian Architecture

  2. Text on Art Forms

(Student has to select any one of the above papers)

3.Design Science Research Methodology

  1. Knowledge and Linguistic Inferencing Mechanism

  2. Statistical Parameters  and Data Analytics

  3. Evolutionary Model of Design Science Research

4.User Interface Design

  1. Introduction of User Interface Design

  2. Building Blocks of User Interface

  3. Evaluation Techniques based on World Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Standards


1.Basic Aspects of Art Forms
(Pre-requisite Course)

  1. General Introduction of Art Forms

  2. Basics of Music, Dance, Theatre, Paintings, Sculpture and Manuscript


  1. Painting

  2. Musical Performance  -Classical and Folk

  3. Theatre  -Sanskrit/Regional

  4. Iconography

  5. Archaeology

  6. Cultural Anthropology

(Student has to select any one of the above)

3.Innovative Educational
Practices of Indian Arts

  1. Introduction of Art Education in India

  2. Traditional Educational System of Art Forms

  3. Developing Efficacy Levels



To be submitted by the students before the commencement of Semester-II examination

ˇ         * Subject to change, if require






The classes will be held from Monday to Friday from 06:00PM to 08:00PM


Lab work will be held on batch wise on Saturday


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