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One Year part time Post Graduate Diploma in

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One Year Part-time Post Graduate Diploma in
Preventive Conservation (PGDPC) 2017-18

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1.Introduction to Preventive Conservation


  1. Definition           

  2. Terminology

  3. Profession

  4. Functions of a Museum

  5. Roles of different professionals in a Museum

  6. Collection

  7. Ethics of Conservation

  8.  Interdisciplinary Nature of Conservation

2.Factors of Deterioration


  1. Types of Objects

  2. Natural Aggressors

  3. Human Aggressor

  4. Types of Deterioration
    Chemical   b) Biological   c) Physical 

  5.  Vulnerability of Organic Objects

3.Museum Storage & Display


  1. Introduction to the Museum Storage

  2. Status of Museum Storage

  3. Re-organization of Museum Storage

  4. Different between Organization & Re-organization

  5. Difference between Deposit & Storage

4.Museum Climate


  1. Light

  2. Relative Humidity

  3. Temperature

  4. Pollutants

  5. Monitoring of Museum Climate

  6. Good Practices for control of Museum Climate

  7. Micro Climate


1.Role of Documentation in Preventive Conservation

  1. Documentation System

  2. Different Elements of Documentation System

  3. Importance of Each Element

  4. Importance of Re-organization for Implementing Documentation System

  5. Importance of Documentation System for Implementing Preventive Conservation Plan

  6. Photography of Museum Objects

2.Integrated Pest Management  (IPM)

  1. Components of an Integrated Pest Management

  2. Types of Museum Pests

  3. Integrated Approach to control of Pests

  4. Measures for Controlling Pests

  5. Quarantine Infested Objects

  6. Different Methods of Treatment of Infested Objects  (Remedial Conservation)

3.Handling, Transportation and Packaging of Museum Objects

  1. Handling of Objects

  2. Transportation

  3. Packaging

  4. Loans

  5. Condition Report

4.Risk & Disaster Management in Museums

  1. Risk Management Process

  2. Risk Identification

  3. Risk Analysis

  4. Risk Mitigation

  5. Application of Risk Management in Cultural Field

  6. Type of Disaster and its History

  7. Emergency Planning and Operation

  8. Primary Emergency Protection

  9.  Emergency Threat Assessment (Risk Analysis)

  10. Emergency Plan and its Execution

  11. Precaution after the Disaster

  12. History of some Disasters   

ˇ         * Subject to change, if require







The classes will be held from Monday to Friday from 06:00PM to 08:00PM


Lab work will be held on batch wise on Saturday


Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage
Intach Conservation Institutes (ICI)
71, Lodhi Estate
New Delhi 110003
Tel: 011 24642172, Fax: 011 24611290
E mail : intach@intach.org


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