Seminar on
India and Azerbaijan - Nizami Gunjavi Celebrations

Organized by Kalakosa Division, IGNCA and Embassy of Azerbaijan

 Venue: Auditorium, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, C. V. Mess Building, Janpath, New Delhi 110001

29th to 30th November 2012

Silver Jubilee Celebration

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The Indira Gandhi National Centre For the Arts is planning to organise a three day Seminar on the universally acclaimed poet Nizami Gunjavi. The proposal of Azerbaijan Embassy to celebrate “Nizami Gunjavi year“ at IGNCA in India on 29th-30th November ,2012 seems to be relevant both in its perspectives and prospects. Since IGNCA aims at “encompassing study and experiences of all arts - integrated with and essential to the larger matrix of human culture comprising fields of creative and critical literature written and oral the visual arts ranging from architecture ,sculpture, paintings” and since the poet Nizami Gunjavi’s masnavis (long poems, ballads) provide all the shades and shadows of above mentioned artistic connections , the combination goes well together. Incidentally, the 20th Anniversary of Indo- Azerbaijan Diplomatic and cultural Relations coincides with the 870th Anniversary of the great Sukhan salari shuarai Iraq Nizami Gunjawi , no other subject could be more appropriate for showing the long standing aesthetic and artistic bonds between the two countries than Nizami Gunjavi’s works relating to India, his deep love and regard for Indian men of parts and the men of pen (ahli qalam)who professedly and admittedly inspired him and whose own inspirational glimmer inexorably brightened the path for poets of posterity.

Nizami Gunjavi’s excellent masnavis richly and beautifully illustrated and delicately illumined by the renowned experts from the most famous ateliers of the world are not only finest magnum opus of literature celebrated all over the world but the best specimen providing the most pleasant visual delight. Three of these namely ‘Iskandar Nama’ (which discusses Alexander’s invasions and exploits all over the world and in India too) and Haft Paikar or Seven beauties( one of which is an Indian damsel ) and Treasure of Mysteries or Makhzanul Asrar with frequent references to India are undoubtedly interesting and valuable for the study of Indo- Azerbaijan bilateral relations in the context of history and culture . Nizami was the first to have developed the art of such unique Masnavis which not only enriched the literary sphere but simultaneously created the artistic fervour giving indirectly a new and most vibrant impetus to the art of paintings, calligraphy and illustrations. His works were extensively illustrated being second only to Firdowsi’s Shahnama and quantitavely and qualitatively are considered to be superb both in their conceptual aesthetics and philosophical contents. His works have brought many new and not so extensively known facts to light for example the intricate details about the episode of Mahmud of Ghaznah and Firdowsi. He had introduced to the world many unknown kings and immortalised their names . The description of scientific ventures and mechanical devices find fine parallels with depth of literary innovations . The fascination for Nizami’s works throughout the past centuries can be gauged from the ever increasing number of manuscripts being discovered in the different libraries of the world and his cosmopolitan fame and people’s adulation for his work is further proved by the fact that Nizami’s works had been part of curriculum and were translated into almost all the languages of the world –an acknowledgement of excellence of his art of pen and superiority of his works. Although Nizami had never visited India, his vision and views about India based on extensive study tempt one to go deeper into the Indo-Azerbaijan socio-cultural milieu and this Seminar is just the beginning in this direction.


29th November 201 2  
02:00PM Registration at Auditorium, IGNCA, C. V. Mess, Janpath, New Delhi

2.30pm - 3-30pm

Inauguration of the Seminar at Auditorium, IGNCA, C. V. Mess, Janpath, New Delhi

Opening Ceremony, lighting of Lamp

Introductory Remarks welcome Speech Mrs. Dipali Khanna
Member Secretary, IGNCA
Inaugural Address Chief Guest
Keynote Address Prof.Teymur Karimli
Speech Ambassador. I . Hajiev
Presidential Address Shri Chinmaya R. Gharekhan
President, IGNCA Trust
Vote of Thanks Shri V. B. Pyarelal
Joint Secretary, IGNCA
3:30 – 4:30pm Inauguration of Resource Material display
4:30pm – 5:00pm Tea / Coffee

First Academic Session :
5:00 - 7.30pm

Chair: Prof. Ainul Hasan,


Dr. Sirajeddin Haji
His Excellency Nizami-Valued And Estimated

Prof. Shariful.Hasan.Qasemi
India’s Response to Nizami Gunjavi And his works

Prof. Ghulam Rasool Jan
Nizami’s Sikandar Nama: A Source of study of society and culture of Central Asia

Prof. Bilqis Fatima Husaini
Nezami Gunjavi as the masnavinegar

Prof. Ainul Hasan
Nizami Gunjavi and the Merit Of his poetry

Dr. Nivedita Das Kundu
India- Azerbaijan –The Silk Route Connections

30 th November 2012  

Second Academic session
9:30 – 11:00am

Chair: Prof. Ghazanfar Pashaev


Dr.Prof. Vaqif Bahmanli
Nizami Gunjavi 870

Prof. Naseem Ahmad Shah
An Evaluation of Nizami’s Khumsa And its Manuscripts in the libraries Of Jammu and Kashmir

Dr. Ishtiaque Ahmad
Nizami –the great humane love Poet of Ganja

Dr. Aleem Ashraf
A brief Survey of Nizami Gunjavi’s Khumsa preserved in the Jung Museum and library, Hyderabad

Prof. K.K. Muhammad
Mirak Ghayasi-the Azeri Architect Humayun’s tomb

Prof. S.M. Niyazmand
Influence of Nizami on Persian Mathnavi writing in Kashmir

Dr. Saifullah Saifi
Manuscripts of Nizami in Aligarh and Jamia Millia libraries

Third Academic Session
11am - 12.30pm

Chair: Prof. Jaferi
The Art and Thought in Nizami


Dr. S.K. Fatima Husaini
Manuscripts of Nizami Gunjavi In the Maulana Azad Library

Dr. Mohsin Ali
Comparative study of Fuzuli’s Leila Majnun with that of Nizami Gunjavi

Dr. Zakira Qasemi
The critical Evaluation of Nizami Gunjavi’s work by Shibli Nomani

Prof. Mansura Haidar
Nijami Gunjavi – A celestial Communique

Shri Kishor Kr. Tripathi
Cultural Relation between Indian and Azerbaijan: Prospects and Perspectives

Valedictory Session
12.30 - 1.15

To be presided by Mr. Bisaria

Speech by Chief Guest

Suggestions by the scholars

1:15 – 2:15pm Lunch
3:00Pm Visit to Rashtrapati Bhawan
4:00 – 6:00PM Sight seeing in Delhi
6:30pm Cultural Program and Dinner at Hans Hotel
1st December Trip to Agra and Fatehpur Sikri

For More Details Contact

Dr. N. D. Sharma
HOD, Kalakosa Division

Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts
5, Dr. R. P. Road, New Delhi- 110001.
Phone: 011-23388423,  23388224

Prof. Mansura Haidar
Consultant, Eurasian Programme

Shri Kishor Kr. Tripathi
Senior Research Fellow




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