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EXHIBITION : Muslim Religious Posters and Calendar Art

by Yousuf Saeed

Indian cities offer a wealth of popular visual art: from brilliant billboards along the streets and facades, movie posters in buses, railway platforms and shops, to Bollywood movies themselves. An essential popular art, often sold at roadside stalls near temples, mosques and shrines in India, is the religious posters, calendars, and other decorative material for the devotees. While it is easy to find religious posters for a Hindu devotee in large numbers and variety in India, it is also not very difficult to get posters depicting Muslim themes and folklore. This visual art installation of about 60 posters features the popular devotional art of Indian Muslims that depict the images of Mecca, Medina, Quranic calligraphy, talisman, local shrines, saints and their miracles in rich iconography. 

Yousuf Saeed, a Delhi-based filmmaker and researcher, has been collecting Muslim religious posters and calendar art for last 15 years. His collection has about 200 varieties of religious posters of Islamic theme published in India – some of them very rare.

Address : N-13, Batla House Extension
Sailing Club Road
New Delhi – 110 025
Tele. : 9810379016

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