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Central Asian Programme

Topics of the Seminar 


  1. The Silk Road— Main Artery of Trade

  2. The Silk Route -The Road of Dialogue Among Civilizations

  3. Cities on the Silk Road, Main Routes and Connections

  4. Burghers and Urban settings on the Silk Road

  5. Religions on The Silk Road –The multi-ethnic and multi -religious complexion of Silk Road

  6. Socio-Religious and Cultural Contribution of Silk Road

  7. The Grand Trunk Road and its Significance in the global Context

  8. Mutual Contacts Among Silk Road Countries

  9. Main Channels of Trade Routes (Gold, Diamond, Sable, Jade, Spices and so on) on the Silk Road

  10. Scenario of Languages and Literature on the Silk Route

  11. Development of Fine Arts –Synthesis of Different Cultures

  12. Future Prospects for Silk Road 



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