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Prologue by Francis Childe

1997 xx+251pp.  ISBN: 81-246-0089-9, Rs 560(HB)



  1. Touchstones of Experience: Rethinking Cultural Information Models (S.C. Malik)

  2. Cultures and Development: Guideline Questions (Baidyanath Saraswati)

  3. China under the Impact of Modern Civilization: Problems for an Endogenous Developmental Civilization (Tan Chung)

  4. Indigenous Cultures in the Development of Indonesia (Meutia F. Swasono)

  5. Local Religion and Traditional Healing Practice: The Indigenous Minority Groups of Indonesia (Boedhihartono)

  6. Culture and Development: A Japanese Observation and Reflection (Minoru Kasai)

  7. The Role of Endogenous Culture in Socio-Economic Development of Korea (Sang-Bok Han)

  8. Sri Lanka and the Sarvodaya Model (P.D. Premasiri)

  9. A cultural Policy for Thailand's National Development (Amara Raksastaya)

  10. Local Knowledge and Development  (Ngo Duc Thinh)

  11. Man in Relation to His Environment (Keshav Malik)

  12. The Indian World-view and Environmental Crisis (R.P. Misra)

  13. Cultural Heritage, Cultural Empowerment and Development (Ram Bapat)

  14. Population, Environment and Development: Socio-Cultural Piitfalls Planners must Avoid (Ashish Bose)

  15. Voluntary Action and Alternative Development in Tribal Areas (Sachchidananda)

  16. Development Problems and Traditional Cultures: Reflections on the Management of the Aged in India (P.K. Misra)

  17. The Barefoot College in Tilonia Sanjit (Bunker) Roy

This volume takes the discourse on: from the complex issues of cultural identity to the worldwide human problems stemming from the development-planners unmindfulness of endogenous cultures. Carrying 17 presentations of a Unesco-sponsored workshop: 19-23 April 1995 at IGNCA, New Delhi, it questions the modern methods of development which, evolved from the experience of the industrialized world, have brought about neither peace nor harmony, neither alleviation of poverty nor socio-economic equality. Thus arguing why current development processes call for serious rethinking, the authors spell out not only the urgency of integrating endogenous cultural dimension into the paradigms of development, but also the relevance of linking development with the ethical basis of life and living. Also included in the volume are several case studies, with special reference to the Asian situation.

The contributors to this volume are reputed scholars, planners and grassroots-level social workers from China, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.



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First Published in India in 1997

Copyright IGNCAŠ 1997

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