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1998 xxii+258pp. col. illus.,  ISBN: 81-246-0101-1, Rs 700(HB)


  1. Gandhian Experiment of Primary Education:The Story of Taman Kanak-Kanak 'Gandhi' (Gedong Bagoes Oka)

  2. Poverty and Education: The Samanwaya Ashram (Dwarko Sundrani)

  3. Rural Context of Primary Education: Searching for the Roots (Shakuntala Bapat & Suman Karandikar)

  4. The Bose Foundation School (Baidyanath Saraswati, Shivashankar Dube & Ram Lakhan Maurya)

  5. Ghadatar: An Enquiry into the Invisible Order (Haku Shah)

  6. My Experiments with Education (D. Patnaik)

  7. Art as a Tool for Cultural Rejuvenation (Dinanath Pathy)

  8. Photography in Education (Ravi Chopra)

  9. Education for Value-Creation and Leadership: A Case Study of the Rangaprabhat Centre (N. Radhakrishnan)

  10. Education Through Art (Nita Mathur)

  11. Buddhism and Education: The Thai Experience (Pataraporn Sirikanchana)

  12. Education for Life and Through Life: Gandhis Nayee Talim (Devi Prasad)

  13. Development of Skills and Attitudes in Basic Education (Parthasarathi Banerjee)

  14. Indian Strategies to Achieve Universalisation of Elementary Education (K. Gopalan)

  15. The School System in India: A Critique (Neeru Nanda)

  16. Innovations in Primary Education in Bangladesh (A.M. Sharafuddin)

How can a sensibly worked-out system of education afford a symbiosis between modernity and wisdom tradition Addressing the vital question, the authors here look afresh at the relevance of art in the age of science/technocentrism, the role of education in promoting peace and concord, Gandhian system of basic education& and, finally, how far Indias national concerns are reflected in its national policy on education.

As assemblage of 16 education-related essays, this volume is the outcome of a Conference on the "Cultural Dimension of Education and Ecology", held in New Delhi on 13-16 October 1995 as a part of the Unesco Chair activities (in the field of cultural development) at the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts. It presents insightful perspectives on primary education, focussing specially on its current status, trends and problems in Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, and Thailand.



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First Published in India, 1998

Copyright Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi.

Co-published:  IGNCA and D. K. Printworld Pvt. Ltd., 

F-52, Bali Nagar, New Delhi - 110 015.


No reproduction or translation of this book or part thereof in any form, except brief quotations, should be made without the written permission of the Copyright Holder and the Publishers.