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1998 xvii+185pp. col. plates, ISBN: 81-246-0102-x, Rs 600(HB)


  1. Environment and Education (Sunderlal Bahuguna)
  2. Subsistence Strategies and Environmental Management (R.S. Negi)
  3. Traditional Knowledge and Management of Natural Resources (A.S. Mishra)
  4. Ecological Degradation Due to Exploitation of Natural Resources and Development (Ramakar Pant & Rakesh Khanduri)
  5. Water Resources and Their Management in Kashmir (B.L. Malla)  
  6. Sacred Response to Environment: The Gaddi and his Mountain (Molly Kaushal)
  7. Ecology and Traditional Wisdom (P.S. Ramakrishnan)
  8. The Nature Centric Culture of the Nepalese (D.S. Rasaily & R.P. Lama)
  9. The Brahmaputras Changing River Ecology (A.K. Das)
  10. The Warlis and the Dhangars: The Context of the Commons (Ajay Dandekar)
  11. Cultural Dimension of Ecology: A Case Study of the Oraons (Virginius Xaxa)
  12. Ecological Cultivation in the Karanpura Region: A Case Study (Sachchidananda & Rajiv Ranjan Jha)
  13. Ecology, Culture, History and World-View: The Andaman and Nicobar Islanders (T.N. Pandit)
  14. Moral Education for Environmental Protection: The Sarvodaya Model (H.M.D.R. Herath)
  15. African Modes of Transmission of Traditional Knowledge (Charles S. Makari)


Focussing on the ecological systems in the mountains, forests, and islands vis-a-vis the hitherto-adopted modes of aggressive development, the 15 articles here underscore the urgency of changing the modern lifestyles, of befriending Nature and, above all, of returning to wisdom tradition. Also included here are case studies, highlighting the aspects of culture that are being lived in the day-to-day lives of people even today!

This volume has also grown from the 4-day Conference on the "Cultural Dimension of Education and Ecology", held in New Delhi on 13-16 October 1995 as a part of the Unesco Chair activities (in the field of cultural development). While volume 3 embodies the education-related essays, this volume incorporates the expert deliberations bearing on ecology.


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