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Island Ecology and Cultural Perceptions

A Case Study of Lakshdweep

Makhan Jha

Fig. 4.1 The grave-yard in the midst of coconut trees at Agatti island Fig. 4.2 Fishermen of Agatti island.
Fig. 4.3 The young fishermen have started dressing of Tuna fish for Mas. Fig. 4.4 Tuna fish is being smoked for Mas preparation
Fig. 5.4 Coconut tree blossomed with beautiful nuts at kavaratti island. Fig. 4.6 The islanders carrying coconuts in their cycles at Kavaratti island.
Fig. 4.7 After plucking the nuts are kept aside by the islanders for proper sun-dry. Fig. 4.8 The Odam just arrived from the mainland loaded with titles etc.
Fig. 4.9 The salt bags are being unloaded from the Odam at Agatti island. Fig. 4.10 A house, thatched with dry coconut leaf of a melachery (lower caste and belonging to poor economic strata) at agatti island.
Fig. 4.11 A scene of deep sea erosion at Kavaratti island. Fig. 4.12 The pan (betal-leaf), imported from the mainland, for sale at Agatti island.
Fig. 4.13 Two islanders are making windows of coconut trunks at Agatti island. Fig. 4.14 A group of children at Agatti.
Fig. 4.15 An Ujra Mosque (with a loud-speaker) and a well at Agatti. Fig. 4.16 An Arekkal (a common grinding place) where many amnis, Amnis-kutti, Kundami, etc. are kept for common use at Agatti


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