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कव्वाली - नज़रे अमीर खुसरु  ( Download MP3)

कलाम हज़रत अमीर खुसरु      गायक - गुलाम हुसैन नियाजी एवं साथी

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कव्वाली - Sufiyana Kalam by Qadar Niazi Qawal



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फड़ परम्परा देवनारायण   Devnarayan   


हिन्दुस्तानी शास्रीय संगीत

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(composed by) कृत उस्ताद यूनुस हुसैन खान साहेब (दपंन) आगरा घराना


मिथिला- वैभव (Mithila Vaibhav)

Harikritana : Singing a group of women in in Mithila. (14:57)

Samdaun : This song is sung when a daughter (bride) is about to go her in-laws house for the first time. (4:28)

Tirhut : It is a love song explaining the pang of seperation. (6:18)

Chaitabara : This song singing with Indian month of Chaitra. (4:14)

Devotional songs Sohar1 (10:22)    |   Sohar2 (3:52)

Udasi : Krishna has left Brij and the women of the region feel themselves deserted in his absence. The groom in the song is symbolized with Krishna during his departure from his in-law's home. (6:17)

Udasi : It is sung during the first departure of a groom from his in-law's house to his native village. In this song, a groom is symbolized with Ram - an ideal groom. A deep pang of separation is expressed through this song. Everybody - Sita, Sunaina, King Janaka, and the people of Mithila, is worried about the separation. (3:49)

Kirtan : This song crosses the boundary of language. It's text is mixture of Hindi, Maithili and Braja but the message is brilliant. Hence it is the message that keeps its significance because of the content note of the language. It narrates the way of honesty and immense faith in the existence of God for a true devotee to get the closeness of his/her Lord (God). (2:41)

Kirtan : It is a Vaishnav kirtan that explains the helplessness of a devotee to meet his/her ideal pair of Rama and Sita. (4:05)


Rohilkhand - Rohilkhand ke Lok Geet  
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