छत्तीसगढ़ के आदिवासियों के बीच सामान्य जन का मसीहा "कबीर'



Heritage... 1
By Ramesh Nayyar

Kabeer Panth pervades Chhattisgarhi Culture


1. There is widespread belief that Kabir and Nanak met together at a place 10 Kilometers from Amarkantak on the Bilaspur - Amarkantak road.  A Kabir Chaura still exists at the place said to be the meeting place of the two saits.  Though dilapidated for want of proper maintenance the place is reminder of the deep influence the teaching of Kabir had on the people of the region.


2. Later Kawardha became the centre of his preaching.  The Mahant on Kawardha Kabir Chaura profess to be the direct descendants of Guru Dharamdas.


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