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अमीर ख़ुसरो दहलवी
मुखौटे (Masks )      डिजिटल चित्र
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  Duration   Duration
Group description 0.21 Duryodhana/Bhima 0.38
Hunter 1.52 Astradwande 0.22
Vishunu 0.43 Chandrabhaga 2.24
Surya 2.04


गुफा-भीत्तिचित्र (राक आर्ट) Paintings of Various Sites of Rock Art गुफा-भीत्तिचित्र

Location Duration Location Duration
Site View 1 1:38 Site View 2 0:27
Rock art view 1 0:57 Rock art view 2 0:22
Intervew by Dr. B. M. Pande , with young man living near the Rock art site

Part 1

Part 2



Intervew, by Dr. B. M. Pande, with student living near the Rock art site Part 1
Intervew with old man living near the Rock art site

Part 1

Part 2




Chambal - View Rock art 2:06 Almora - Site view 0:17


Site view of Shelter 1 0:57 Site view of Shelter 2 0:53
Site view 0:39  


Raigarh - Shelter 0:12

Restrict ions on the use of Video

  • You may view or download an video to your workstation and store it, and you may make hard copies without further permission, provided this is done for purposes of private study only.

  • You may display personal copies for purposes of an academic lecture or seminar. If using our materials, please make reference to the IGNCA and the institution holding the original.

  • You may incorporate the URL for an video, but not the video itself, in a hypertext document.

  • If you wish to reproduce an video for publication in electronic or any other form you must obtain prior written permission from the IGNCA or the institution holding the original collection.

  • For good quality video contact us. A fee will usually be charged.


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