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DVD Roms - Bidesia

Director: Rajan
Duration: 28 min, 3 sec

Bidesia is known for its intensity of presentation, simplicity of language and unsophisticated style. It is not a dance form, but a kind of Tamāśā, which reflects the culture of the region. It has rich variety and emotional content. The ingredients of the play include a speech (saṁvāda), different forms of poetry like pad, short poem, vachun, gīta (song), ghazal and also a dance. It is enacted at night on a raised mound, which serves as a stage, and locally available lights are used. The costumes and the material, used for the make-up, are local. Bhikhārī Ṭhākur, the doyen of Bhojpuri theatre - specially the form known as Bidesia, did tremendous work to popularize his theatre and mesmerize the audience.

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