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DVD Roms -  Bṛhadīśvara Temple Thanjavur - Mhakumbha Abhisekham (June, 1997)

Director: : Jaichandiram
Duration : 57 minutes 37 seconds
Produced by IGNCA

Thanjavur, Bṛhadīśvara Temple was built of granite by Rājarāja Coḷa (CE 995--1010) to honour Śiva as Adavallan - an accomplished dancer with his various manifestations. It has a central shrine 150 ft square, a Vimāna 200 ft high, a huge inner courtyard 250 X 500 ft, wall paintings done under Nāyakas, and 108 dance poses of Śiva.

The temple is sanctified periodically at a twelve-year interval, by a celebration of Mahākumbhābhiṣekam. The film records rare footage of all the stages of abhiṣekam starting from saṁkalpa to the pouring of sacred water from the top of the temple. This rare documentation records one of the greatest orality and ritualistic heritage.


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The cost of the DVD in India: Rs. 150/+ (actual Forwarding Charges)

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