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DVD Roms - Kathakaḷi - the art form of Kerala Part - II

Director: N. Rndhakrishana
Duration: 1 hr
Guidance: KK Chakaravarty
(Episodes: 4-7)

The film focuses on the actual performances of Dakṣa yajñam and traces two primary languages of communication in Kathakaḷi - drumming sound and mudrā. The film highlights the rasas to depict the eight major expressions (bhāvas), which are interlinked and spring from one another. Other highlights are the evolution of abhinaya saṅgītam, with special focus on jajamānīya system. The detailed concepts of make-up application are addressed before finally showcasing the enactment of Rāvaṇa and Mandodarī, Bālī, Sugrīva and white-bearded Hanumān-Vella Thaddi.

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