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DVD Roms - Measuring the Sky - A journey to the Bṛhadīśvara Temple

Research & Script: Gautam Chatterjee
Duration: 26 min

Specimen of the architectural grandeur Bṛhadīśvara Temple was built by Colas in CE 995-1010, in Subramaṇya style at Thanjavur, the capital of Colas, 372 km from Chennai. This 260-ft, fourteen- storeyed temple has a square base well proportioned to survive for centuries. Dedicated to God Śiva, it is octagonal in shape, decorated all around with Hindu pantheon. The images of Śiva-Pārvatī denoting various iconographic details are carved on the walls. Also one finds Puranic stories are seen here. Though it is a Siva temple, the images of Viṣṇu-Narasiṁha and Śrī Kṛśṇa can also be seen.

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