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DVD Roms - RĀMALĪLĀ - The traditional performance of Ramayana - Part I & II

Director :R.Bharathadri
Duration : 1 hrs 57 min
Produced by IGNCA and supported by Ministry of Culture, Government of India for INDIA presentation to UNESCO

The Rāmalīlā of northern India is based on the great Hindi version of the epic Rāmacaritamānasa of Tulsīdās. IGNCA made this documentary for the Ministry of Culture, Government of India for presentation to the UNESCO, which has designated Rāmalīlā as a masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity. The film features the Rāmalīlā of Ramnagar, apart from the traditions of Awadh, Braj and Madhubani. During Rāmalīlā celebrations the whole town of Ramnagar is transformed into a sacred landscape and a stage, where 20,000 odd viewers move with actors to witness the sacred play, which goes on for 31days.

The film explores the mythological and linguistic nuances of Rāmalīlā at Ayodhya as a blend of Braj, Madhubani region and Avadh dialects.

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The cost of the DVD in India: Rs. 150/+ (actual Forwarding Charges)

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