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DVD Roms - Wisdom Frozen in Time Vol - II  In Search of Treasure: Chennai, Mysore and Melukote

Director: R Bharathadri
Duration: 1 hr, 28 min
Script: Gautam Chatterjee

Government Oriental Manuscript Library, Madras University, Chennai: It has a huge collection of 70,000 manuscripts mainly on palm and paper, which are well catalogued on scientific lines. It preserves a host of manuscripts on the subjects like Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani schools of medicine; Vedas, Śāstras, Bhāṣā, Jyotiṣa and Vāstukalā.

Kuppuswami Sastri Research Institute, Chennai: The institute has great collections of manuscripts, enveloping subjects of ancient Indian philosophy, medicine, Tantras with diagrams of yantras, Vedic and classical literature.

Oriental Research Institute, Mysore: This heritage library has 70,000 manuscripts on Vedas, Astrology, Astronomy, Nāṭyaśāstra, Rasa Siddhānta, Dhvani Siddhānta and Medicine.

Academy of Sanskrit Research, Melukote: Holdings comprise some 10,500 manuscripts in ten different scripts, including Tibetan. The manuscripts pertain to Vedas, Vedāṅgas including Śikṣā, Vyākaraṇa, Chanda and Ayurveda. Some of the manuscripts are: Upnisads in Telugu script, Rāmāyaṇa in Grantha script; Kṛṣṇakathāsārasaṁgraha in eighteenth century Kannada script; and deer skin manuscripts used for official communications.

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