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Elizabeth Brunner







Fairy Tales around

16th March 1996 

Elizabeth with General Mahinder Singh at her exhibition "The Soul of Japan" at the Hungarian Culture Centre, New Delhi 




 One of Elizabeth's Japanese paintings

Saturday evening, the 16th of March 1996

            "Elizabeth is not all that well today," Laurence told me when I came in. "Please Elizabeth tell us," she aked, "is it just a muscular pain or was something crushing your delicate bones?" Elizabeth could not quite explain. She showed us where the pain was, on the left side above her breast. "I was put down in a wrong position", she said. "Who carried you?" asked Dagmar. "Bahadur," Elizabeth, "he must have had something in his breastpocket which protruded out and ..." "... pressed against you and hurt your delicate body," continued Laurence. "Yes, it stopped my breath for some time", answered Elizabeth.

            "Yes," Dagmar, "I can see the wheelchair standing there". "The lovely Dutch lady, Anamika Sharma, brought it along", said Laurence. "Are you going out in it these days?" asked Dagmar. "Yes," said Laurence, "every day, since the opening of her exhibition, 'The Soul of Japan', at the Hungarian Cultural Centre, on 6th of March". "How does Bahadur get with you in the chair inside this room? Remember there is stairs front and back side of your flat", enquired Dagmar. "But I can't walk", Elizabeth. "Of course, we know! O yes, he must pull you in the chair up", thinks Dagmar aloud. "There was no-one today to help Bahadur. That little ... Munki-Punki ... also was not there. So Bahadur was pushing the chair up on the stairs. And it went wrong. It also hit the side of the door."

Laurence said, "we are talking and talking about this, but I believe this all should not be too difficult, if you make wooden counter stairs, (no, not just a piece of wood on which Elizabeth could slip in her chair), that should help make things easier." "It was difficult all along," said Elizabeth, "always two people had to put me down und put me up". "And only today there was not a second person around." said Dagmar. "Yes", confirmed Elizabeth. "Thanks the Allmighty God that you both came." Only our presence seemed to give her so much joy and made her feel better.

Elizabeth with the Old General Sahib, Mrs. Singh and Lutoria Sahib

            "Your exhibition is fantastic," Dagmar changed the subject: "Those people I brought along (Martina and Torsten from Berlin) they were absolutely touched by you. You know, I don't know how but they were speechless, kind of in wonder. So there you see, dearest Elizabeth, what 'aura' you spread all over the world. They have gone home taking your image along with them in their hearts."

            Elizabeth beamed her delightful smile at us and narrates, "today the old general-sahib (General Mahinder Singh) came to the exhibition. He could not come for the inauguration. He was so touched, so touched. He said the whole atmosphere was vibrating. And then, after, he went into prayers. I also. And then I felt, not suddenly, but gently my chair was moving ... but finally, when I opened my eyes, I was still in the same chair and in the same place. It was very pure because they didn't bring in any bad current." 

And Elizabeth continued, "This morning it was very beautiful to be outside.  -  I mean, it is a wonder how all these people can live on this earth. It still is a wonder with all these things going on. They have sharpened their so-called intelligence and it is used for ..." Laurence continued, "... meaningless things". Elizabeth, "mercilessly". Dagmar, "many people have realised that we have to do something to save our earth. Soonest".



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