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Elizabeth Brunner







Fairy Tales around

19th May 1996... 

the story how her father and mother met and married 



Sunday, the 19th of May 1996 ...  


"And one day, she announced that she would marry Ferenc Sass." Elizabeth threw her arms up with a smile. "The whole family must have been up in arms," Dagmar put in. "Yes, answered Elizabeth, "but mother insisted if they do not allow her then she will go." Dagmar asked, "run away with Ferenc?" Elizabeth confirmed laughing, "yes. And so my father went to my grand-father and asked for her hand. And grand-father looked at him saying, 'my dear son and what do you think you will support your family with'?" Dagmar mentioned, "I expected that question." Elizabet put in, "but they did not think of money! They wanted to only paint and they were deeply in love.

            So anyway, then the family wanted a proper marriage. The whole town was to know, grand-father being the police commissioner of Nagykanizsa. My mother said, she will marry in black!" Dagmar exclaimed in dismay, "o my gosh, in black?" Elizabeth confirmed, "she will not marry in white. I know because my mother told me all this. The whole family was shaking. And she will not go to church either. Now this might be in a way interesting to you, that she will not promise, that upto his death and/or her death they would be together ('Till Death Us Do Part', church marriage vows).

            She would not promise that. Although I believe that they still love one another up there in heaven, I do not doubt it at all. Father could not be without her."

            "But then ... how did your father allow her to go to India with you?" Dagmar asked. "He could not go, this is another chapter," carried on Elizabeth. "My mother was already living with me in Budapest." "And what happened with your father?" Dagmar. "Poor fellow kept on staying with my grand-father and aunt. He is dead now, but that is so very sad.

            I mean, either it was the devil or the god ... She had to be alone. She just had to be alone. My father had to be alone also. He used to go to the forest. After the First World War he lost interest in humanity. My mother used to try ... eventually she went to Budapest. She kept on asking him to come, start a new life. But the war had crushed him too much, killed his soul. My mother used to write to him to come and start anew. Letters I have seen. But my father did not come. He stayed in Nagykanizsa. He had his friends. He used to go to the nature and then also closed himself up.


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