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Elizabeth Brunner







Fairy Tales around

19th May 1996... 

the story on her own birth 



Sunday, the 19th of May 1996 ...  

...I remember sleeping in that room...

I remember sleeping in that room ( in Nagy Kanizsa) as a young girl, school times, five-six years old. And I saw all the paintings, his friends paintings, his new paintings.   -   And then I used to get high fever, 39-40o C in no time. So this darling Jewish doctor used to look after me. His name was 'Golabatshi' [phonetical from Elizabeth]. He saved my mother and saved me. And no transport at that time. He was already 70-80 then. He came on his own foot in rain and snow, he would come, night or day ... And I am ever grateful to him.

            This lovely Jewish doctor respected my mother very much. He did not want to embarrass her and examine her after my birth. He asked the nurse to do this, asked whether my mother was alright, and whether the birth-line was clear, no problem. The nurse confirmed everything was alright. But something was broken inside my mother, I do not know what else, and within two days my mother had 109 F fever and for nine years she never picked up her normal health! That woman (the nurse) said that I was to be immediately christened. But the custom was that a child would only be christened on the 3rd/4th day or even a month or two later. She wanted to call the priest immediately.

            And my mother made the mistake and said, my daughter will not be christened now. She will learn about all the religions of the world and then choose for herself." Dagmar mentioned surprised, "that is what I said to my children also." And Elizabeth queried, "Really?" Dagmar said, "yes of course, they have a Hindu father and Christian mother, how can I force Christianity on them? They have to choose for themselves." Elizabeth continued, "and this way the nurse got annoyed with my mother.

            I was christened much later at the age of ten. I myself decided ... decided god-mother, god-father and they came with me, even mother came with me and I liked the priest also. The priest taught us catechism at school, he was a good man. I am sure he is no more." Dagmar asked, "and so you became a Catholic Christian." Elizabeth, "yes. But here in India I became everything. There is one thing which is in everything, what ever you call it. There are no two truths in this world. People keep saying what is true, but I feel what is true. I often went to temples to feel the atmosphere and paint.

            "So there was a revolution! Mother in black," Elizabeth carried on and Dagmar continued, "marrying an artist who had no money! But the two had everything in common!" Elizabeth said, "yes." And Dagmar stated sadly, "only the war broke everything apart." Elizabeth emphazied, "yes, yes, yes. Evolution of life. And their paintings ..."

            "Where are your father's paintings, dearest Elizabeth?" Dagmar asked. "Yes, that is what I want to know," Elizabeth spontaneously put in, "... so many things should be done. It should be advertised in the papers, whether Ferenc Sass' paintings are anywhere in private possessions. In Munich there must be several paintings because for six years he not only studied there but exhibited also."


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