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Elizabeth Brunner







Fairy Tales around

19th May 1996... 

the story about dog's shopping in Munich



Sunday, the 19th of May 1996 ...  

After some time Elizabeth started off again, "you know one of the sweetest thing my father had told me was this. He told me about the dogs in Munich. Every home had a dog, those long, low-legged ones." Elizabeth said. "Dackel", Dagmar helped, "Dachshund, badger dog." "Yes," Elizabeth, "and they put a chit of paper either in the dogs little basket or in its snout and it went down to the grocer. In the little basket was also the money and the person in the shop took it, put the goods inside the basket and the dog brought it home." "Yes lovely," said Dagmar, "I have seen this in films. But just imagine ... today you cannot do such a thing anymore ..."

Elizabeth's father self-portait (sketch)

            "My father," Elizabeth continued, "was good enough to tell me things like this. You know, the dogs would stand in line." Dagmar, "your father must have watched the dogs in the shop." "Yes." Elizabeth, "sometimes the shopkeeper found that there was not enough money but still he put the correct goods inside the basket. In the meat shops the little doggies would get sometimes a piece of sausage for themselves. My father would speak with such love and affection.


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