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Elizabeth Brunner







Fairy Tales around

16th June 1996...

her travels through America, England, Holland, Germany



Sunday, the 16th of June 1996...

During the years 1935 to 1938 Elizabeth travelled with her mother around the world. The first two years they stayed in Japan. After that they travelled through America. They went to England, where they had an exhibition, and visited some of the most famous museums in Holland and Germany.

            At the end of this period (1938), they stayed for three weeks in Hungary. This was the last time Elizabeth met her father again.  

            Elizabeth continued, "we went from Santiniketan to Japan. And to America." Dagmar asked, "to America also?" Elizabeth said, "yes, we had our exhibition in New York. And then to England. But mother received a letter from Tagore in New York saying, if you want to see me again then you better hurry up and come back. The letter was meant for both of us. He treated us like sisters.

            So we had to kind of hurry. We went over to Europe. Mother wanted to show me the European art. We went to Rembrand's House. Through Germany to Munich." Dagmar remembered, "where your train was stopped ..."Yes, Elizabeth, "and then we went for three weeks to Hungary.   -   After our exhibition in London, we packed our paintings and shipped them off with Thomas Cook ... And they were eventually stolen." Dagmar exclaimed, "what, they were stolen?" Elizabeth said, "yes, a hundred paintings."

            Mary interrupted us. She had made lunch. So we all enjoyed the lovely meal.


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