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Elizabeth Brunner







Fairy Tales around

16th June 1996...

her meeting Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira



Sunday, the 16th of June 1996...  

Nehru, painted by Elizabeth when in 'Constitution House' between 1951 and 1955

Later on Elizabeth was in the mood to continue the talk and she remembered, "in London I met Nehru for the first time." Dagmar asked, "in London?" Elizabeth continued, "he came to see our exhibition all by himself. I was on the stairs and saw somebody coming up. I could see it was not an English man and I recognized him and called mother. At that time I also asked him to pose for me. He said, 'alright, I have not much time, but I will give you half an hour tomorrow morning. In the Dorchester Hotel, at 9 o'clock.'  

            So we went there. Everything was arranged. Nehru was sitting in the room and I started painting him standing about a meter away from him at my easel. He was more or less looking down. He was wearing a Gandhi cap and a western dress. We both stuck to a half an hour, because he had appointments afterwards. That painting is now in the National Museum.   -   Then I also made friend with Indira and asked her to pose for me. She said, 'tomorrow.' So the next day we went again. This time to her room at the Dorchester Hotel and I did her portrait. And mother made a photograph of both of us. (Dagmar had seen that photo the last time she had been with Elizabeth.) But I don't know now where is that painting of Indira. I have done another one here in India in her residence." Dagmar said, "yes, that one I have seen."  


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