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Elizabeth Brunner







Fairy Tales around

16th June 1996...

coordial warrant of arrest and stay in Nainital, UP



Sunday, the 16th of June 1996...  

Elizabeth carried on, "then we also went to Santiniketan. And then, of course, it was a great thing to meet again, specially Gurudev (Tagore), and Nanda Lal Bose, his best student and a great artist himself.

            Some time before we had arrived, Tagore had been really very ill. For three days he was so ill, he threw away all his clothes and lay bare in his bed to be in the direct connection and near His God.   -   But by the time we arrived, he would walk and talk again, he seemed alright.

            Do you know, I would say that Tagore was a composition of great thoughts! You know, like those dolls made all of cotton? Every bit of cotton inside the man, a great thought!"

                In between, they also went back to Santiniketan. But the Second World War was looming high over everything and eventually started.


Surroundings of the idyllic hill resort Nainital

            It was two years into the war, when mother and daughter were rather cordially served a warrant of arrest by the British resident of Baroda and requested to move to Nainital (Uttar Pradesh). This happened to all 'hostile foreigners' stationed in India during that time, and the Brunners were Hungarians. Though the reason for being sent to this idyllic hill resort in the lower Himalayas was rather dubious, the Brunners eventually loved the place and stayed on. Elizabeth and her mother revelled in the wonders of nature, the mountains and the climate. The results are some of the most profound paintings of scenic beauty.


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