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Elizabeth Brunner







Fairy Tales around





Elizabeth Brunner is eighty-seven this year (1997). Unfortunately, since a few years she is bound to wheel-chair and bed by extreme arthritis. This sickness crept on her over the years.  

            I have been thinking about the strange ways she often found herself in during her life. Thinking of the situations to catch the right spirit of people and surroundings for her paintings (sitting crossed legs any length of time, disregarding the weather); but mainly of her inner feelings and respect for the subject she painted and which she wanted to transmit to the beholder of her creations (painting with her fingers and kneeling for long hours). It has also to be mentioned that Elizabeth and her mother travelled, as a matter of principle, third class on the Indian railways. And they walked with bare feet as usual on the hot and stony grounds. Although they often stayed and moved in exalted places, Elizabeth imbibed her mother's ways of a strict discipline, a vegetarian diet, and an almost meagre general way of life.

            Considering all this, fifty-five odd years long, I am not surprised about her physical condition today. Elizabeth is always warning me to take good care of my body and not neglect it as she has done. By about the end of the nineteen-seventies, Elizabeth did not paint any more.

            I might not see certain things in and around her properly, pin-point characteristics because she is, after all, a Hungarian lady by birth, and I do not understand her mother tongue. But I trusted my intuition and followed the vibes I felt when in her presence. Besides we speak one mutual language, English.



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