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į”kyamuni - An Exhibition of Rare Thankas

The Dalai Lama



When so much of the Tibetan cultural heritage has been destroyed in its own land, related works of art are being preserved and created anew elsewhere in the Himalayan region. These Buddhist paintings are an expression of an ancient civilization. I am therefore very happy to know that the Central Institute of Buddhist Studies, Leh, Ladakh is organizing a series of Thanka exhibitions in New Delhi, Samath (U.P.) and Hyderabad (A.P.).

We Buddhists of the Himalayan region regard most of these artifacts as sacred. They represent various aspects of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas. All of them are a source of inspiration.

Appreciation of this kind of art has long been the preserve of experts. However, I trust that people visiting these series of exhibitions and reading the catalogues will come to a better understanding of the Buddhism of the Himalayas and a greater appreciation of its timeless values.


January 3, 2001

review by Kumar Sanjay Jha


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