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į”kyamuni   - An Exhibition of Rare Thankas

Thanka No. 04



Collection: Takthog monstery , Leh

School of art: Sman-bris

20th century


He was the great mystic saint from India who had tremendous miraculous powers. He brought Buddhist Tantra in Tibet in the 8th century A.D. and introduced its learning and practice. He is venerated by all Tibetans as the second Buddha. He subdued the local deities and demons who were obstructing the construction of Samyas monastery. He crushed down and bound them by oath to protect the Buddha's teachings. According to the plan of Khresong De Tsan, the king of Tibet, he helped him to build up Samyas as a great monastic college with a big campus. He helped įµantarakĄita to set up many blocks, viz. teaching, translation, meditation and so forth. In this way Buddhism was gradually disseminated in Tibet. His contribution is amazing in the spread of Buddhism in Tibet.

Padmasambhava is protrayed in his Padm”kar” forth and is flanked by his two consorts, e.g. Mandarava and Eshy Tsogyal on his right and left respectively. He holds the vajra in his right hand in the gesture of preaching. His left arm holds the kha¶v”“ga and the left hand holds a skullcup and a jar filled with ambrosia.

S”manta-Bhadra is depicted in the top centre and is flanked by Vajaradhara and Maitreya Buddha respectively. In the upper left comer is Avalokiteævara and on the right comer is Amit”bha. In the bottom right is Bodhisattva į”ntarakĄita and on the left king Khrisang De Tsan. In the lower right is guru Tak and on the left Singdongma.

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