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á¡kyamuni   - An Exhibition of Rare Thankas

Thanka No. 14


Sachen Kung sNyingpo

Collection: Matho Monastery

School of art: Sman-bris

18th century


He lived in early 11th century A.D. in Sakya in Tibet. HIs father, Khon Kanchok Rgyal Po, was a mystic saint who received secret instruction of Hevajra from Dog Mi Lotsa and put it into practice. When Sachen was very young, Parilotsava was invited to be his tutor. Lotsava made him meditate to receive blessings from Maµju¿r¢. During the meditation, Sachen got the vision of Maµju¿r¢ who blessed him. Moreover, Maµju¿r¢ taught him a secret doctrine in very short verses which contain the theme of both wisdom and method.

As a result, his intellect became very sharp. Thereafter, he studied deeply under the supervision of Parilotsava and became an eminent scholar and a mystic saint whose fame had spread throughout Tibet. Lani bras is an essence of Sakya pa order which is traced back to. N¡g¡rjuna. Lam bras is the wisdom of non-duality of the clear light and voidness. The cosmic consciousness is the clear light, everything is reflected in it and at the same time its nature is empty of inherent existence. The clear light and void can never be taken apart, because of their being the ultimate nature of the cosmic consciousness. The wisdom of such a reality is the true path to the perfection.

In the central figure is Sachen whose left hand holds a lotus flower. In the upper left corner is Hevajra and in the right Mah¡siddha Vir£pa and on the top is Vajradhara. He is flanked by his elder son, Sonam Tsemo and younger son Takpa Gyaltson on right and left respectively. In the lower right is Kunga Gyaltsan and on the left Dogon Phagspa, in the lower corner is Ngorchen and in the left corner is Chardhen. At the bottom is Mah¡k¡la who has two hands.

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