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áˇkyamuni   - An Exhibition of Rare Thankas

Thanka No. 15

Klong chen rab byam pa 

Klong chen lab byam pa

Collection: Takthog mor

School of art: Sman-bris

20th century

Klong chen rab byam pa

He is the greatest thinker in rNying tradition. He was regarded as an incarnation of Maµjużr˘. He restored rNying ma tradition by composing many books. He lived in early 14th century in central Tibet. He studied deeply both SŁtra and Tantra in Samyas monastic learning centre. 

When he was 20 years old, he got a vision of Padmasambhava and his consort Tsoskyes Dorje, As a result, he was attracted to the mkha gra snying thig, the mystical teaching which is connected with Padmasambhava. He met Kumaraja who had deep knowledge and experience of Vimalamitra's teachings. Vimala's teachings had been summed up in the Bla-ma sNying thig. He composed Zab no yang tig in which the contents of both Blo ma snying thig and mathkl gar yang ting are fused.  

In this way, Klong chen rab byam disseminated the doctrine of rDzangs chen which was taught by Padmasambhava. rDzongs chen is the central doctine of rNying ma pa founded by Padmasambhava. it refers to the primordial consciousness which consists of two dimensions i.e. luminosity and void. Its innate nature is knowing and clarity and at the same time it is empty of inherent existence. The realization of such an entity is the exact path to perfection. The trainee should develop such a realization.

This is the portrait of Klong chen rab byam pa who was the incarnation of Maµjużr˘. He is seated on lotus flower c~oss-leggedly. He bears a pandit's cap which represents a great thinker. He holds a lotus flower upon which is placed a sword. The sword signifies the wisdom of the ultimate reality .He holds a lotus flower in his left hand upon which is placed a pothi (book) on which a bell which represents that he is able to explain the contents of the SŁtra and Tantra in fearless voice. 


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