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Sakyamuni - An Exhibition of Rare Thankas


 The details of the Thankas

The total number of Thankas which have been collected as exhibits for the Exhibition is sixty (60). These have been selected from four great monasteries (gonpas) of Ladakh, fifteen (15) from each one which are under the management of Ven. Lobzang Wangchuk, the President of All Ladakh Gonpa Association.

1. Rizong

The main Thanka from this monastery is gZigs pa Nga Ldan which consists of five different sub- Thankas. In these Thankas, the mysterious vision of Lord Tsongkhapa as revealed to his chief disciple Khasdupje in different places is depicted. These Thankas are regarded as a sacred objects for the rituals.

2. Chemre

The main Thanka from this monastery is bKa rGyud gser phren consisting of 15 sub- Thankas. The lineage of bka rGyud pa Lamas and their patron deities are portrayed. Through these successive Lamas the Mahˇmudrˇ doctrine had been made prevalent in Tibet and the adjacent areas.

3. Takthog

The main Thanka from this monastery is Guru mTsan rGyad which consists of 8 sub- Thankas. The eight manifestations of the mystic saint Padmasambhava are depicted in these Thankas.

4. Matho

The main Thanka from this monastery is sakya Gong ma rNam nga which consists of five sub- Thankas. Five eminent Lamas are portrayed in these Thankas. It is believed that all these Lamas are the incarnations of Maµjużr˘.



  1. Prof. Sanghasen Singh for kind suggestion and help.

  2. Mr. Nawang Tsering Spon for identification of schools of art.

  3. Mr. sKarma Zangkar for photography.

  4. Mr. Tsering Mutup (A.O.) for support.

  5. Mr. Tashi Sangrup (P.A.) for computer typesetting.


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