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Early Images in the Art of India and Europe


7th Dec.1993 - 8th Jan.1994

Matighar, IGNCA

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Photograph from MRGA (DEER) exhibition The exhibition Mrga was designed in 1993 to focus on the comprehensions of Nature and life through line and colour in time and space.  It revealed the continuity of the deer motif in Indian and European traditions from the Paleolithic period.  Prior to the exhibition a global conference discussed the various aspects of rock art studies in a universal frame.

Keeping in tune with the concept of the proposed gallery 'Adi Drsya', the Exhibition focuses on perceptions on nature and life through time and space. it highlights the significance of rock art in contemporary life by its relation to the existing traditions of indigenous art. A host of common animal forms, wild as well as domesticated, have survived in these 'dateless' art manifestations across the world. One such commonly found motif is that of the deer, and irrespective of the species or environmental variations, the deer has attracted the imagination of man from time immemorial.


The present exhibition attempts to recreate the original setting of rock art with optimum approximation; it displays reproduction in the form of photographs, slides, linedrawings, water-colours and the like. Starting with the contemporary naturl environment of deer as found in the different parts of India, the exhibition of deer as found in the different parts of India, the exhibition also highlights the continuity of the deer motif in pottery, the Sanchi panel and contemporary tribal art objects. To emphasise the timelessness of tradition, live demonstrations of Warli wall paintings are also depicted.


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