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An Exhibition of Photographs by Komala Vardan

6th Feb. 2001 - 18th Feb. 2001

Matighar, IGNCA


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Mother & Child, Ladakh

The creative urge in Komala Vardan has found expression in different fields of art. hailed as a virtuoso dancer, she is a recognized painter, photographer and an author. The films Division, Government of India has produced a documentary on her titled 'A Versatile Artiste-Komala Vardan". She was honoured with the presentation of the key to the Hyogo Prefecture by the Governor at Kobe during her visit to Japan at the invitation of Japan Foundation. She is recipient of several awards and titles.

She is not only well known for highly innovative choreography in dance but also as a painter who has evolved a unique style of her own to depict dance movement on the canvas. In the Television News Bulletin in the USA she was featured as a rare artist who can present dance both as a performing as well as a visual art.

Komala Vardan is a photographer with an extraordinary perception. She has been a member of the Federation of Indian. Photography for over thirty years. Her photographs cover a wide variety of subjects - Nature, People, Places, Travel Documentaion, Art & Architecture etc. As she is widely travelled, she has had the opportunity of photographing events, people and places in several countries. She has participated in national and international Photographic salons and won awards. Her entry in the All India Colour Contest (1984) of Federation of Indian Photography was selected for Around the World with Photographic Society of America. Her photographs are the aesthetic expression of an artist's eye.

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review by Kumar Sanjay Jha

Dwarpalka, Emerald Buddha Temple, Bangkok

Young Lama, Ladakh

Mask of Rangda, Indonesia

Sigiria, Srilanka

Vali Vadh, Bentey Srei Temple, Cambodia

Egyptian Plague, Salarjung Museum, Hyderabad

Gaja Lakshmi, Bentey Srei Temple, Cambodia

Mask for Bharata School of Dramatic Arts, Thailand


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