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6:30 अपराह्न
Concerts under Sanjari - Ek Bharat Shreshth Bharat Shrinkhala

21st April, 2018 –  Concert  by Mrs. Bharathi Thirumagan – Villupaattu
22nd April, 2018 – Concert by Shri Dhananjay Kaul and his team from Kashmir

This is the sixth concert in this series.  Sanjari was launched on the 30th Foundation Day of IGNCA on 19th November, 2017.

Contact No : 011-23388155

Venue:  IGNCA Auditorium, C.V. Mess, Janpath, New Delhi
10:00 पूर्वाह्न
The ninth chapter of Sanskriti Samvaad Shrinkhla (Cultural dialogue series)

Will have a symposium on  noted Kalasadhak and founder member of Sanskar Bharati, Baba Yogendraji.

Contact No : 011-23388155

Venue:  IGNCA Auditorium, C.V. Mess, Janpath, New Delhi
4:00 अपराह्न
Rromani Women: Their Position through Traditional wisdom and in Present Times

By Prof. Marcel Courthiade is being organised by IGNCA-Nari Samvaad Prakalp, in association with Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan,New Delhi

Contact No : 011-23388224

Venue:  IGNCA Lecture Room, 11, Mansingh Road, New Delhi
3:00 अपराह्न
Pandit Rameshvar Jha Memorial Lecture

IGNCA, RC is going to  organize  Pandit Rameshvar Jha Memorial Lecture , Collaboration with Jnana-prabaha, Center for Cultural Studies & Research, Samneghat,Varanasi

Speaker  :   Prof. Kamalesh Datta Tripathi (Centennial Chair Prof., Bharat Adhyayan Kendra, BHU)

Chair Person  :  Prof. Navjivan Rastogi (Renowned Scholar of Kashmir Shaivasim)
Guest of Honour :  Prof. Yugal Kishore Mishra(Centennial Chair Prof., Bharat Adhyayan Kendra, BHU)

Venue:   Jnana-prabaha, Centre for Cultural Studies & Research,Samneghat South, Varanasi

3:00 अपराह्न-5:00 अपराह्न
Swachhta Pakhwada

On the occasion of World Heritage Day i.e. 18th April, 2018

Contact No  : 011-23388092

Venue:  IGNCA Premises, New Delhi
6:30 अपराह्न
Pandit Chotelal Mishra Jayanti Sangeet Samaroha

Chief Guest :  Padmabhushan Pandit Channulal Mishra (Renowned Artist of Hindusthani Shastriya Sangeet)

First Presentation Tabla Solo by :  Sri Krishna Kumar Upadhyaya & Aditya Kumar Mishra (Grand Son of Padmabhushan Pandit Chhannulal Mishra)

Second Presentation Shastriya Gayan by :  Pandit Harish Tiwari (Disciple of Bharat Ratna Pandit Bhimsen Joshi & A Grade Artist, AlR)

Venue:  Hanuman Prasad Poddar Andha Vidyalaya, Durgakund, Varanasi
6:30 अपराह्न
Concert by Tenores di Neoneli

Performance by ‘Tenores di Neoneli’ a traditional music group from Sardegna, India in collaboration with Italian Embassy Cultural Centre, New Delhi under the Executive Programme of Cultural Cooperation between the Government of the Italian Republic and the Government of the Republic of India for the years 2017- 2020.

Contact No : 9818011988

Venue:  IGNCA Auditorium, C.V. Mess, Janpath, New Delhi
2:30 अपराह्न
Mahpandit Rahul Sankrityayan Memorial Lecture

Topic  :  Lost Ancient Indian Texts brought back Home by Rahula Sankrityayana
Speaker  :   Prof. Ratna Basu (Former Head, Department of Sanskrit, University of Kolkata)
Chair Person :   Shri Amitabh Bhattacharya (Senior Journalist, Amrit Prabhat, Hindi Dainik, Varanasi)

Venue:  Parshwanath Vidyapeeth Seminar Hall, I.T.I. Road, Karaundi, Varanasi
5:30 अपराह्न
Bade Bhai Saheb

The short film is based on the story of the same name by legendary writer Munshi Prem Chand. It brings to the centre the system of education and examinations.The light-hearted comic tale overflows with humor but is laced with an undercurrent of irony.
(30 minutes, Hindi)

Ravi Kalra : Rebirth of a Shravan Kumar

The 25 minute Documentary focuses on the efforts of a person who takes care of the abandoned and destitute. (25 minutes, Hindi)
Director : Kripi Singh

Venue:  IGNCA Auditorium, Media Centre, 3 Dr. R. P. Road, New Delhi
2:00 अपराह्न
Lecture-cum-demonstration under Kashi Vyakhyanamala Lecture Series

IGNCA, RC is going to  organize in Collaboration with Bharat Adhyayan Kendra, BHU

 Speaker  :

  1. Smt. Malini Avasthi  (Centennial Chair Professor, Bharat Adhyayan Kendra, BHU)
  2. Sri Amitabh Bhattachary (Senior Journalist, Amrit Prabhat Hindi Dainik, Varanasi)
  3. Prof. Chandrakala Tripathi (Department of Hindi, Women’s College, BHU)

Venue:   Manviya Mulya Anushilan Kendra, Malviya Bhavan Campus, BHU, Varanasi
4:00 अपराह्न
Inauguration of the Prof. Devendra Swarup Personal Book Collection in the Kala Nidhi: Reference Library

Contact No  : 23388333, 23388362

Venue:  11 Mansingh Road (First Floor), New Delhi
4:00 अपराह्न
Second Dr. V.S. Wakankar Memorial Lecture

By Padamshree Dr. Yashodhar Mathpal,  Eminent Archaeologist and Rock Art Specialist
Chairperson : Dr. Narayan Vyas, Rock Art & Cultural Studies Specialist

Venue: Auditorium, C. V. Mess Building IGNCA, New Delhi, New Delhi

Exhibition on  Glorious Bhimbetk (Based on IGNCA’s Dr. Mathpal Collection)
Date : 3rd April – 12th April, 2018

Venue :  Exhibition Hall 11 Mansingh Road, Gate No.6 IGNCA, New

2:30 अपराह्न
Memorial Lecture on Pt. Ramavatar Sharma Aur Unka Pramarthadarshanam

IGNCA, RC, is going to organize Memorial Lecture on Pt. Ramavatar Sharma

Topic : “Pandit Ramavatar Sharma Aur Unka Pramarthadarshanam”
Speaker : Prof. Radhavallabh Tripathi, (Former Vice Chancellor, Rashtriya Sanskrit Sansthan, New Delhi)
Chair Person : Prof. K. D. Tripathi (Centennial Chair Prof., Bharat Adhyayan Kendra, BHU)
Guest of Honor : Prof. Shri Kishore Mishra (Department of Sanskrit, Faculty of Arts, BHU)

Venue:  Department of Sanskrit, Faculty of Arts, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
10:00 पूर्वाह्न-5:30 अपराह्न
Two Days National Seminar on Ramayana Traditions and Performative traditions of Ramayana

Two Days National Seminar on “Ramayana Traditions of North-East: with special reference to Majuli” and Shastra and Prayoga Programme on “Performative traditions of Ramayana”

Time : Seminar — 10.00 am to 5.30 pm and Performances — 6.00 pm onwards
Contact No :  011-23388224/011-23388063

Venue:  Majuli, Majuli
10:00 पूर्वाह्न
International conference on "Indian inputs to Central Asian Art and Culture: Dharma Ratna Marg"

International Conference is organized by East Asia Programme Unit, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, New Delhi, India, in collaboration with Association for Central Asian Civilizations & Silk Road Studies, Cambridge, London, UK.

Contact No.  : 011-23388211

Venue:  Conference Hall, Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, C.V Mess, Janpath, New Delhi
9:00 पूर्वाह्न-5:00 अपराह्न
International Conference on Angkor Wat: The Monument and the Living Presence

Innaugration : 28th March, 2018 at 10.30 am in the IGNCA Auditorium, C.V. Mess, Janpath, New Delhi

Venue:  Conference Hall, Media Centre No. 3, Dr Rajendra Prasad Road, New Delhi
4:00 अपराह्न-5:00 अपराह्न
IGNCA Book Circle @ Reference Library

Under the Outreach initiative, “the IGNCA Book Circle”, Kala Nidhi Reference Library organises a Book Reading Session every month.This month, the session will be held on 26th March, 2018 (Monday) at 4.00 pm

Book Reading cum launch session of `The Making of Early Kashmir – Landscape and Identity in the Rajatarangini’ by Dr. Shonaleeka Kaul, Associate Professor, Centre for Historical Studies, School of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi.

Shonaleeka Kaul is a cultural historian of early South Asia specialising in working with Sanskrit literature. She has also been the Dinakar Singh Distinguished Lecturer in South Asian Studies, Yale University, U.S.A, and the Jan Gonda Fellow in Indology, Leiden University, The Netherlands.

Her books include: Imagining the Urban: Sanskrit and the City in Early India (Permanent Black and Seagull with University of Chicago Press, 2010), Cultural History of Early South Asia: A Reader (Orient BlackSwan, 2013), and The Making of Early Kashmir: Landscape and Identity in the Rajatarangini (Oxford University Press, 2018)

Contact:  011-23385884/ 9958878920

Venue:  IGNCA Conference Room, C.V. Mess, Janpath, New Delhi
3:00 अपराह्न
Conference on "Maritime Traditions of Indian and Pacific Oceans"

Venue:  Cochin, Kerala
All Day
Pandit Sudhakar Dwivedi Memorial Lecture

Topic : Surya – Sidhanta Ka Vishva-Ganit Par Prabhava
Speaker :  Acharya Vinay Jha
(Advisor, Akhil Bharatiya Vidwat Parishad, Kashi)
Chair Person : Acharya Kameshvar Upadhyaya
(Rashtriya Mahasachiv, Akhil Bharatiya Vidwat Parishad, Kashi)

Venue:  Parshwanath Vidyapeeth Seminar Hall, I.T.I. Road, Karaundi, Varanasi
4:30 अपराह्न
Lecture/Presentation on 'Land Routes to Sea Trade of the Kushans'

By Dr. B.R. MANI Director General, National Museum
Contact No : 9871147583

Venue:  Lecture Room,  Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts (A Block) 11, Man Singh Road, New Delhi
11:00 पूर्वाह्न
Two days celebration on the occasion of nav Samvatsar 2075

17th March, 2018 at 11.00am : Concert by Ms. Padmini Dora of Odisha under Sanjari – a monthly folk music concert series  – E-Invite

17th March, 2018 at 6.30pm : Concert by Sunanda Sharma under the Bhinn Shadj – a quarterly rare ragas series – E-Invite

18th March, 2018 at 11.00am : Concert by Prof. Chandanshive of Maharashtra on “Lavani ki Baithak” under Sanjari – E-Invite

Contact No. :  011-23388155

Venue:  IGNCA Lily Pond Lawns, 11, Mansingh Road, New Delhi
11:00 पूर्वाह्न-7:00 अपराह्न
Exhibition on Rahul Sankrityayan Puratan Sangraha

In collaboration with Patna Museum ,Patna, Bihar

This exhibition has been extended from 09/04/2018 to 15/04/2018 

Venue:  Twin Art Gallery 2, CV Mess Building, Ignca, janpath, New Delhi
10:00 पूर्वाह्न
International Conference on Rahul Sankrityayan (1893-1963): Maha Pandit in the Land of Snow

In collaboration with Indian Council of Philosophical Research, New Delhi.
Inauguration : 14th March, 2018 at 10.00am in the IGNCA Auditorium, C.V. Mess, Janpath, New Delhi

Venue:  IGNCA Conference Hall, C.V Mess, Janpath, New Delhi
11:00 पूर्वाह्न-4:00 अपराह्न
Mobile Exhibition on the 'World of Rock Art'

By Adi Drishya Unit of IGNCA
Inauguration of the exhibition : 13th March, 2018, 11:00 AM

Time : 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM (Monday – Saturday)

Contact No : 011-23388014

This exhibition has been extended upto 30/04/2018

Venue:  Vivekananda Auditorium, Vinoba Bhave University, NH-33, Sindoor, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand
3:00 अपराह्न
A Special Lecture on Cultural Geometry of Kashi: the Spatial Manifestation of Divine Image

By Prof. Rana P.B. Singh  in association Pondicherry University
Prof. Gurmeet Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Pondicherry University, Puducherry would be the Chief Guest for Special Lecture.

Venue:  J N Auditorium, Pondicherry
10:00 पूर्वाह्न
Shakti Parva: celebrating the Feminine energy

Special lectures,workshop, symposia, academic discussions, an exhibition titled ‘Divine manifestations of Shakti tattva’, etc. through the days of the festival and musical, and classical along with contemporary dance performances during the evenings

Contact No : 011-23388224

Venue:  IGNCA Auditorium, Bal Jagat Hall, Amphitheatre and Lawns, New Delhi
10:45 पूर्वाह्न
A Photographic Exhibition titled the Sadhus of Banaras

By Dr. Radhakrishna Ganeshan in association with Sri Aurobindo Ashram

The exhibition will be inaugurated by Prof. Venkata Raghotham, Dean, School of Social Sciences & International Studies, Pondicherry University, Puducherry on March 5, 2018 at 10.45 am.

A Catalogue by Dr. Radhakrishna Ganeshan on the exhibition  will also be released.

Venue:  Exhibition House, Goubert Avenue, Puducherry
2:00 अपराह्न-9:30 अपराह्न
Uttrakhand Lok Parv

Contact No. : 9312836126, 9971199126

Venue:  No. 3 Building, Rajendra Prasad Road, IGNCA, New Delhi
4:00 अपराह्न
An Illustrated Lecture on Aryan Dards of Ladakh striving to preserve their culture

By Landup Tashi, President, PACES, Gorkhon, Ladakh and Virendra Bangroo, Assistant Professor, Kalanidhi. Chriperson Dr. R. C. Gaur, Director (Lib and Info.) HOD, Kalanidhi

Venue:  Lecture Hall, IGNCA, 11, Mansingh Road, New Delhi
6:30 अपराह्न
Play : Celestial Carillon

Director : Gilles Rhodes and Hélène Marseille
Name of the company : Transe Express
Duration :  55mins

The project is brought by French Institute in India / Embassy of France in India, with the support of National School of Drama and Indira Gandhi National Centre of the Arts. This mesmerising show will mark the Bonjour India Closing Ceremony.

Contact No : 91-11-30410045/ 9810434363

Venue:  Front Lawns, Central Vista Mess Building, Indira Gandhi National Centre For the Arts, Janpath, New Delhi
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