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कला इतिहास

  • एलोराः कॉन्सैप्ट एंड स्टाइल (प्रिंट कॉपी उपलब्ध नहीं है)

    ISBN : 81-7017-277-2
    Edited By :Carmel Berkson

    (1992, 391pp., b&w ills., appen., gloss., bibl., index)

    This is a definitive and co-ordinative treatment of the world-famous rock-cut caves at Ellorā. The text discusses relationship between the environment and the temples and examines the architectural and compositional features which unify the caves.

    The book offers a fundamental approach to the life of form in background of organic totality of the Ellorā caves…Read More

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  • एक्सप्लोरिंग इंडिया’ज़ स्केयर्ड आर्टः सेलेक्टेड राइटिंग्स ऑफ स्टेला क्रमरिच

    ISBN : 81-208-1208-x
    Edited By :Barbara Stoler Miller

    (1994, xxii+356pp. ills., notes, index,)

    This volume presents a selection of essays written by a pioneering interpreter of Indian art and its religious contexts. The writings collected here emphasize the cultural and symbolic values of Indian art. The first section discusses the social and religious contexts of art…Read More

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  • इंडियन आर्ट एंड कानसरशिप एसेज़ इन ऑनर ऑफ डुग्लास बर्रेट्ट

    ISBN : 81-85822-14-x
    Edited By :John Guy

    (1995, 360pp., col. B&W ills.)

    A collection of twenty-five essays by international scholars written to celebrate the contribution to the study of Indian art of Douglas Barrett, former keeper of Indian art at the British Museum. The essays are organized in five sections: Part 1: Early India;…Read More

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  • प्रिसिंपल्स ऑफ कम्पोजीशन इन हिन्दू स्कल्पचरः केव टेंपल पीरियड

    ISBN : 81-208-0705-7
    Edited By :Alice Boner

    (1990, xvii+274 pp. line drawings, b&w plates, gloss. index)

    This work represents an approach to a hitherto unexplored aspect of Hindu sculpture. Dealing with pre-medieval sculptures and leaving aside the historical, doctrinal and aesthetic aspects of this art, it concentrates exclusively on the question of composition. The principles of composition,…Read More

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    ISBN : 978-81-7305-453-2
    Edited By :Dieter Schlingloff

    (2013, 517 pp)

    Prof. Dieter Schlingloff is one of the leading experts onthe paintings of Ajanta. He has been engaged with the task of identifying the subject matter of the Ajanta Paintings in rich detail – a pre-requisite for further research. His steadfast research for last forty years constitutes…Read More

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