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Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan, President IGNCA Trust

Dr. Kapila Vatsyayan

President, IGNCA Trust

“Call it by any name, metaphor or languages, this is a constant play, like tides, waves in the ocean which change every minute but the ocean does not. She said India is the ocean and the Diaspora the waves and tides..." Validictory address on 8th January 2007 (ORIGINS: CREATIVE TRACKS OF INDIAN DIASPORA)

Dr. K.K. Chakravarty
Member Secretary, IGNCA

"The IGNCA’s attempt to draw on the creative resources of Indian Diaspora, and to integrate, its arts and life, its form and function, its origins and layered history, is in line with this mission"... Inaugural welcome speech on 5th January 2007 (ORIGINS: CREATIVE TRACKS OF INDIAN DIASPORA)

IGNCA Diaspora Programme has been set up to build up a cross-cultural inter disciplinary dialogue among Indians in India and the world and to catalyse cultural inputs in the development by drawing on Indian Diaspora. 

IGNCA Diaspora programme has been conceived as an effort to look at the movement of people, their resource management, sustenance and self-governance strategies, their literary, linguistic and artistic achievements from an ethno anthropological and historical perspective.

The programme forms an integral part of the ongoing efforts of IGNCA for the recognition, documentation, dissemination, and promotion of the larger cultural ethos of Indian Diaspora. 

The programme envisages in setting up a Cultural Resource and Networking Center, Oral history Archive, Ancestral search program and regular cultural events on Diaspora. Following specific tasks have been identified for achieving the declared objectives.

  1. An archive of audio -visual narratives on artistic and cultural expressions and achievements of Indian Diaspora from an ethno anthropological perspective.

  2. Document the history of large-scale movement of Indians from sub continent to different places during different periods and circumstances.

  3. Develop programmes to understand the various dimensions of cross-cultural dialogues the migrants from Indian brought to various countries. 

  4. Develop programmes to understand the changes and patterns in cultural expressions took place to the various Indian belief systems in the adopted lands.

  5. Develop programmes to understand how the Indian belief systems influence the cultural expressions of the adopted country to where the Indians migrated.

  6. Develop programmes to understand how events in India have influenced and influencing in shaping the art and culture of Diaspora Indians. 

  7. Develop programmes to study and understand the evolution of composite Indian culture among the descendents of Indians migrants.

  8. Develop programmes to understand the conflicts in cultural expressions among Indians in relation to their Indianess.

  9. Develop programmes to create a cross cultural and interdisciplinary platform for future communication between the members of Indian Diaspora and people in the main land India.

  10. Develop programmes to provide a forum of cultural exchange for policy makers, intellectuals, academics, students, artists and general public in appreciating the global Indian culture.

  11. Develop programmes for regular cultural exchanges, publications in the form of books, journals, films and multi media CD ROMs and organise cultural events on and by Diaspora communities both in India and abroad.

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