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Photograph of seminar
The Centre is involved in fostering an active dialogue amongst the arts across various and cultures through participation in intercultural activities and programmes.  The interaction with various institutions and agencies is facilitated through the International Dialogue Unit (IDU) of the Sutradhara division.  IDU helps coordinate international dialogue for the benefit of all divisions which are thereafter individually responsible for formulation and implementation of programmes.  It does not directly implement projects. Several seminars and workshops have held under the Participation Programme or the World Decade for Cultural Development Programme of UNESCO.
Various multi-lateral collaborations are made through cultural exchange programmes and other bilateral arrangements as formalized between the Government of India and other Governments, and through interaction with multi-lateral organization like UNESCO, UNDP, Ford Foundation, Japan Foundation, etc.  Often at the instance of these agencies and/or within IGNCA itself the dialogue helps in conceptualization and formulation of projects.

The UNDP is assisting programmes for setting up the National Facility for Interactive Multi-Media Documentation of Cultural Resources on diverse media using the latest technology.  The Ford Foundation has assisted the Data Information Services and the Archival Material Acquisition Programmes of IGNCA.



  • Workshop on Cross-Cultural Lifestyle Studies with Multi-Media Computerizable Documentation (January 1989)
  • Kala Kosa Encyclopaedia of Arts Workshop (March 1989)
  • International Seminar on Space (November 1990)
  • Consultation Meeting of Experts of UNESCO Member Countries of South and South-East Asian Region for Networking of Specialized  Information System on Cultural Heritage (October 1991)
  • Development and Application of Expert Systems in Lifestyle Studies (December 1991)
  • International Workshop on Conceptual Structure and Models for Encyclopaedia of Arts and Cultural Heritage (March 1992)
  • Second Consultation Meeting of Experts of UNESCO Member Countries of South and South-east Asian Region for Networking of Specialized Information System on Cultural heritage (February 1993)
  • Interface of Cultural Identity and Development (April 1993)*  Global Specialists' Conference on Rock Art (November-December 1993)

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