Citizen's Charter
Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts


To serve as a major research and resource centre for all the written, oral and visual arts


Identification, study and dissemination of a holistic view of all the arts in their multi layered and multi-dimensional aspects, while maintaining their own integrity yet highlighting their mutual interdependence and interrelatedness with nature, social structure and cosmology.


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Details of Public interface

1. Reference Library on Art, Architecture. Research in the field of art, and culture, Preparation of rich collection of Microfilms of unpublished manuscripts ,Collection of photograph or audio-visual source material etc.

Shri P.R. Goswami,
Head of Kala Nidhi Division

9818981644 / 2338333

Collections from well known cultural & heritage institutions and personal collection from eminent personalities are available in IGNCA Library. Applications for various documents for research purpose will be entertained only for research purpose and following laws of copyright etc..


Organization of workshops to train young conservators and musicologists in storage re-organization methodology,

Conservation of collections , books and files etc

Sh. Achal Pandya,
Head of Conservation Unit

9818257521 / 23388077

Applications are invited from scholars through HODís of the academic institute, Identification of collections and books from Cultural Archives and Divisions of IGNCA and other offices.





Audio- visual documentation/research and outreach of all activities of IGNCA.

Sh.Basharat Ahmed,
Head of Media Centre 

9968654081 / 2388815 / 2338300

Dissemination through Doordarshan, digitization, of collections, publication of DVDs



Technology application in art and culture by way of digital dissemination of cultural contents, electronic publications of thematic multimedia DVDs, organizing exhibitions

Sh. P. Jha,
Head of Cultural Informatics Lab. 

9868217389 / 23388445

Undertaking research on Heritage Monuments


Fundamental research and investigation of the intellectual traditions in their multi-layered and multi-disciplinary dimensions and cultural connections. Publication Series Kalatattvakosa, Kalamulasastra, Kalasamalocana

Dr. N.D. Sharma,
Head of Kala Kosa Division 

9716829523 / 23388423

These publication series i.e. Kalatattvakosa, Kamulasastra, Kalalamalocana are available for sale through our co-publishers in the market and in our bookshop too.


Development of

a) Core collection of ethnographic material and documentation of folk arts and crafts including those of tribes

b) multi media presentations

c) life style studies of tribal communities

Prof. Molly Kaushal
Professor & Head of Janapada Sampada Division


Research and documentation of the contextual aspects of culture and development of dissemination tools like films, publications, etc.


Unique presentation of diverse forms of arts Dr. Mangalam Swaminathan,
Head of Kala Darshana Division 

9999973126/ 23388329, 23388155

Organization of art exhibitions, cultural programs on music and dance, seminars and lectures.




Dr. Jayanta Kumar Ray,
Director (Admn.)

9958133533 / 2338105

All RTI cases received from the Ministry, individuals.


 Grievance Redress Mechanism Mrs. Hemlata Sindhura,
Under Secretary (Estt.) 

8847838602 / 2338166

Grievances received from the Officers or employees of IGNCA


SOP - 11 (Guidelines for redressal of Public Grievances)




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