Photographs by Shambhu Shaha

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Tagore with Pandit Bhim Rao Shastri

Tagore withPandit Khitimohan Sen at Amrakunja - the famous mango grove the usual palce for Santiniketan festivals.

Tagore watching a dance drama performance.

Pandit Nehru addressing the audience at the opening of Hindi Bhavan. Picture also shows C.F. Andrews and Tagore.

Tagore at an open air function.

Tagore welcoming Gandhiji and Kasturba

Tagore, Ramananda Chatterjee and C.F. Andrews in Udichi

Tagore at his grand daughter Pusu's marriage.

Tagore at morning tea.

Wedding knot being tied in Tagore's presence at Pusu's marriage

Tagore delivering his famous essay, "Crisis of Civilization" on his last birthday.

Open air class at Shalbithi.

Ramananda Chatterjee presiding over a teachers' conference at Sriniketan

Young Indira Gandhi at Santiniketan

Santal Women at Santiniketan

Santal boys at Santiniketan

Baul at Paus mela

Professor Tan Yun Shan presenting Chinese books to the poet.

Tagore's portrait

Abanindranath Tagore at work (1936)

Tagore in his typical attire.

Balraj Sahani and his wife Damayanti (1936)

Gayatri Devi-Maharani of Jaipur

Hiran Kuma Sanyal - a close associate of Tagore (1960)

Jamini Roy (1962)

Painter Nirode Mzaumdar

Professor Satyen Bose, eminent physicist (1962)

Poet Vishnu Dey

Nandlal Bose and a Student

Ram Kinkar Baez, sculptor and painter working on a bust of Tagore.

River side (1935)

The Ganges (1936)

Talpukur near Santiniketan (1936)

Santal Village (1936)

Tagore at work in the balcony of Punascha

Child in a hammock - Diamond Harbour (1939)

Darjeeling tea gerden (1940)

The Wait.

Kalighat temple courtyard (1935)

Kalighat temple courtyard (1935)

Children Quarreling (1962)

Harish Mukherjee Road, Calcutta (1962)

Tagore reading

Thirst (1963)

Tata centre at dawn.

Tata centre at night

street leading to Nakhoda Mosque

Burnpur Steel Factory

Life at the transit camp at Hasnabad

Two women and child

Old woman

Youth and age

Her only possession

Empty vessels and the old woman

Tagore painting

A refugee family

Man and wife

Railway platform

Portrait of Tagore

Tagore and Mahatma Gandhi at Shyamali

Tagore on hearing about the outbreak of World War II


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