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IGNCA has been designated as the nodal agency for all matters relating to arts, humanities and cultural heritage by the Government of India to provide computerized storage, retrieval and dissemination of information on all aspects of arts and cultural heritage. Over the years, the IGNCA has developed several unique computerized multi-media databases and information systems to preserve the vast cultural heritage in various forms and make it accessible for research and dissemination. Special efforts have been made to network these programmes with various institutions inside and outside the country. These are:

LMIS (Library Management and Information System) which gives catalogue information on all books and periodicals;

CATCAT  (Catalogue of Catalogues) (Catalogue of Catalogues) which provides information on more than 1,000 catalogues of published/unpublished manuscripts;

MANUS (Manuscripts) with complete descriptive information of about 3,000 manuscripts;

PICTO (Art Objects) includes information on two-dimensional and three-dimensional art objects;

SOUND (Sound Recordings) comprising information on Vedic chanting of Ranayaniya and Jaiminiya Sakhas of Samaveda and Paippalada Sakha of Atharvaveda;

KK TERMS (Kala Kosa Terms) comprising terms for the Kalatattvakosa project thereby facilitating scholars in preparation of comprehensive text references for each term, verification of bibliographic references and quotations and terms in different texts;

BIBL (Bibliography) giving information of more than 6,000 references (monographs, books, journals, articles, etc;

THES (Thesaurus) is made up of key words in some tribal languages and dialects to identify cognate terms relating to the Five Elements. This database has been evolved for the programmes of the Janapada Sampada.

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