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1989 January 9-13 Cross-cultural Lifestyle Studies with Multi-media Computerisable Documentation (Unesco-sponsored)
1991 November20-29

Puppetry (by Late Ariel Bufano of Argentina)

  December 9-17 Development and Application of Expert Systems in Lifestyle Studies
1992 February Prakriti: Perceptions of Bhutas (Elements) in the Oral Traditions
  April 6-11 Wayang Puppetry (with Indonesian and Indian Puppeteers)
  August 24-27 Prakriti: The Nature of Matter
1993 January 5-12 Prakriti: Nature and Man - An Integral Vision
  April 19-23 Interface of Cultural Identity and Development (UNESCO - Sponsored)
  October 11-15 Brhadisvara : The Monument and the Living Tradition
  November 29 - December 7 Global Specialists Conference on Rock Art (UNESCO-Sponsored)
1994 February 24-25 G. D. Sontheimer Memorial Symposium
  October 24-25 Dhvani: Sound
1995 April 19-23 Information Model for Integration of Endogenous Cultural Dimension into Development (UNESCO-Sponsored
  August 3-4 Indigenous Experiments in Primary Education (under UNESCO Chair)
  August 7-8 Ecology: The Wisdom Tradition (under UNESCO Chair)
  October 13-16 Culture, Education and Ecology (under UNESCO Chair)
  November 19-21 Anadi
  December 30-January 2, 1996 Panel Theatre (Japanese Experts)
1996 February 1-3 Expert Meeting on Conservation, Preservation and Management of Rock Art Sites (UNESCO-sponsored)
  April 9-10 Mask (by John Emigh)
  May 1-6 Puppet (with slum children, in collaboration with Disha)
  May 1-7 Rangaprabhat Theatre on Shankara Pillai's Plays
  September 1-3 Apocalypse Trial (in collaboration with Swedish troupe)
  October 1-7 Puppet Show on Gandhiji's Life and Message
  November 25-29 Asian Conference on the Culture of Peace: The Experience and Experiements
1997 January 16-19 The Voice of the Sacred in our Times (a Temenos Conference)
  February 3-7 Katha Vachana aur Katha Vachak: Exploring India's Chanted Narratives (UNESCO-sponsored)
  September 17-19 Santhal Worldview
  December 13 Cross-Cultural Communication
  December 27-29 Workshop on Study on Cultural Heritage as a tool of Development (under Unesco Chair)
1998 January 19 Gandhi and Gramodyog
  January 21-23 Parampara and the Individual
  February 24-28 Mind, Man and Mask
  August 13 Gosthi on Rajabhasa: Sanskritik Sandharbha
1999 January 5-9 International Seminar on Prilgrimage and its Complexity


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