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Khan-i-Khana, Nizamudin, Delhi
Mirza 'Abdu'r-Rahim Khan-i-Khana, who served both Akbar and Jahangir was a scholar knowing several languages writing couplets in Hindi under the familiar name of Rahim, lies buried in a massive tomb close to Nizamuddin. He constructed the tomb on his wife’s death in 1598 and was later buried in it on his death in 1627. 

Originally faced with red sandstone, relieved by the use of buff sandstone and marble, its design is similar to that of Humayun's tomb, its interior decorated with incised and painted plaster. 

On the first floor of the tomb, there is a cenotaph of Rahim. The tomb is now bereft of its facing, as these stones were stripped off later to build Safdar-Jang's tomb in 1753.


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