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(KMS No 35-38)

Edited & Translated by: C. G. KASHIKAR 

2003, 4 vols., xlv+1844pp., abbr., gloss., bibl., ISBN: 81-208-1852-0 (set), Rs.4200 (HB)

The Baudhāyana-Śrauta-sutra together with an English translation is being presented here in four volumes. The Baudhāyana-Śrauta-sutra belongs to the Kṛṣṇa Yajurveda Taittirīya recension. It represents the oral lectures delivered by the teacher Baudhāyana, hence is the oldest Śrauta≠text. The text is revised here in the light of the variant readings recorded by W. Caland in his first edition (Calcutta 1906), and is presented in a readable form. The mantras forming part of the Siitras have been fully rendered into English. The translation is supplied with notes giving reference to the mantras and explanations of the rituals. The work is expected to serve as an advancement of Taittirīya ritualistic studies.

There will be other volumes also presenting Bhavasvāminís Bhāṣya and the word-index of the Śrauta-text.

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