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2009, 246pp., + xxvi, col. illus 129, bibl., Figs. & Maps 28, Index, ISBN: 978-81-7305-388-7, Rs. 3000(HB)

Sacred Complex of the Guruvayur Temple is the first comprehensive study of the Tāntric aspects of the famous Guruvayur Śrī Kṛṣṇa Temple, which has become the second richest and busy pilgrim centre in India, in recent years. The uniqueness of the Guruvayur Sacred Complex is its universal appeal. The secrets of the Sacred Complex of Guruvayur are described in simple language for the lay devotees by the author. He has combined the humility of a votary with objectivity of a scientific researcher. This pioneering and outstanding work is expected to receive attention from social scientists, planners and administrators and inspire researchers to study other sacred temple complexes as mirrors of Indian religious tradition.

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