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2004, xxii+510pp., col. illus., 8, biblio.,   ISBN: 81-7305-262-X Rs. 1500 (HB)

The work for the first time presents in a very detailed manner the various rites in forming the daily pūjā ceremony of one of the most famous and important temples of Hindus-Jagannātha Temple at Purī. The study is based on a large number of au then tic palm -leaf manuscripts discovered and collected by the author in Orissa, substantiated by his personal observation and information acquired from the temple functionaries. It is a well­ known fact that the study of Hindu temple rituals has not yet been taken up so extensively and seriously as that of the Vedic rituals. This work seeks to fill up this desirable gap and is a significant contribution to the study of the process of formation of the medieval Hinduism and its gradual development.

The rite of the Hindu pūjā is basically a very subtle and sublime spiritual phenomenon in which the worshipper, in the course of meditation, first dissolves his mundane body to create a divine body for himself, identical in nature with that of his Deity. Thereafter visualizing the tejas of the Deity in his heart through concentrated meditation upon His/Her form, he transfers this divine effulgence into the image for the time being in order to achieve a subject-object relationship with the Deity, who is identical with the self, and starts communicating with his God from the same elevated plane.


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