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Ancient and Modern


1991 xxiv+665 pp., line drawings, col and b&w illus., index  ISBN 81-7017-252-7, Rs 1200(HB)

A seminar was held in New Delhi in November 1986 to explore the concepts of Space through diverse civilizations, ancient and modern disciplines - religion, art and architecture. Parallel and close affinities between ancient speculation and modern science was discovered and a stimulating dialogue was initiated among eminent physicists, astronomers, philosophers and scholars of comparative religion, art, architecture, literature, music, dance on the fascinating topic of Space. The volume includes papers submitted by delegates drawn from twenty-four countries. These include towering personalities such as Stella Kramrisch, Annemarie Schimmel, R. Panikkar, Raja Ramanna, B. Geza, Mani Kaul, Allegra Fuller Snyder and others. Each article opens up a new vista of exploration of a concept which has preoccupied the mind of man from the beginning of civilization.

The volume breaks fresh ground in the field of interdisciplinary studies and will be invaluable to all those who are concerned with the inner life of reflection and the outer life of movement and action. The interrelation of the two and the theme of wholeness are the unity underlying the multifaceted articles included in the volume.



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