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Texts and Photographs by Carmel Berkson

Afterword Mulk Raj Anand

1992, 391pp., b&w ills., appen., gloss., bibl., index, ISBN: 81-7017-277-2, Rs. 1200 (HB)

This is a definitive and co-ordinative treatment of the world-famous rock-cut caves at Ellorā. The text discusses relationship between the environment and the temples and examines the architectural and compositional features which unify the caves.

The book offers a fundamental approach to the life of form in background of organic totality of the Ellorā caves. The author draws the reader's attention to the great and startling innovations in the life of form, with special reference to the four panels in Daśāvatāra, Cave 15, of the pre-medieval period. Being a sculptor, her focus on the sculptures of Ellorā makes a valuable contribution to art history.

This volume contains an intensive study, including about 270 photographs and an illustrated glossary, seen through the eyes of a sculptor with emphasis on aesthetics and multi-faceted view.

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