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Edited and with a Biographical essay by BARBARA STOLER MILLER

1994, xxii+356pp. ills., notes, index, ISBN: 81-208-1208-x: Rs 600 (HB)

This volume presents a selection of essays written by a pioneering interpreter of Indian art and its religious contexts. The writings collected here emphasize the cultural and symbolic values of Indian art. The first section discusses the social and religious contexts of art.

This is followed by essays on various forms of ritual art. The section entitled 'The Subtle Body" is derived from her term for the form that underlies concrete shapes; it includes studies of literary and visual symbolism.

Further essays concentrate on formal and technical aspects of temple structure and painting in the context of their symbolic meaning. Over 150 illustrations, many of them prepared especially for this volume, provide a vital visual dimension to her writing. Also included is a biographical essay by the editor of the volume and Joseph Dye's comprehensive bibliography of her works.


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