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1995, xiv+757pp., indexes ISBN: 81-7017-311-6, Rs 750(HB)

Since the eleventh century Indian subcontinent had been producing a galaxy of authors who wrote in Persian. Their mastery over diverse fields of knowledge is evident from the range and variety of books produced by them. Their works deal with such varied subjects as Sufism, anthology of poets and saints, versions of the Prophet's traditions and original digests concerning jurisprudence, histories, diaries, memoirs, science, medicine, official bulletin, etc. The translations from Sanskrit works on Indian philosophy and science have added a unique dimension to this corpus of Indo­ Islamic literature.

This Dictionary briefly introduces the Persian authors of the Indian subcontinent and their contributions. It may serve as a guidebook to researchers in the field of Indo-Islamic studies and history of medieval Indian society and culture. Though arranged author wise in one alphabetical sequence, a detailed title index provides access to the Persian works written in Indian subcontinent.


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