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1996, xxxviii+562pp. line drawings, col. and b&w illus., index  ISBN:81-207-1644-2, Rs 1250(HB)

Book Review - Article published in Newsletter

The volume comprises a selection of fifty­ four papers presented at the seminar held in November 1990 at IGNCA where over sixty delegates from twelve countries and a dozen disciplines were engaged in profound and meaningful dialogue for six
days. Each paper brings a penetrating insight into this all permeating and pervading preoccupation of man since the dawn of awareness of his being and becoming. The papers are grouped into eight sections: (l)Time: Concept, (2) Time: The Philosophic Discourse, (3) Time: Geological and Biological, (4) Time: Social and Cultural, (5) Time: Ritual, (6) Time: Response of the Arts, (7) Time: Consciousness, and (8) Time: Transcendence and Immanence.


D. P. Agrawal Nabi Hadi G. C. Pande
Waheed Akhtar Adam Hardy R. Panikkar
Bettina Baumer Sehdev Kumar Peter Pannke
P. M. Bhargava M. A. Lakshmithathachar Sebastiana Papa
John Brommfield Singh Preter Malekin David Park
Lokesh Chandra Keshav Malik Meers Aster Patel
Boudhayan Chattopadhyay S. C. Malik kathleen Raine
Tan Chung J. M. Malville Chandra Rajan
Rama Coomaraswamy Jim Masselos Raja Ramanna
Keith Critchlow T. S. Maxwell Jr. S. Rinpoche
H. H. The Dalai Lama Albert Mayr Lewis Rowell
Biren De Michael W. Meister B. N. Saraswati
Devangana Desai D. F. Miller C. V. Seshadri
M. A. Dhaki P. K. Mukhopadhyay Prem Lata Sharma
Edward Dimock G. H. Muller Karan
John Fritz S. H. Nasr G. D. Sontheimer
Frits Staal Martha Vannucci Kapila Vatsyayan
Vinod Verma Irene J. Winter  


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